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4.21.19 Happy Easter! I wanted to let everyone know about a really exciting project that I am honored to be working on with the incredible Cornerstone Theatre and Critical Mass Performance Group. Nancy Keystone, our fearless director/writer has been working with Cornerstone and the residents of Jordan Downs in Watts for almost two years to create a beautiful piece of theatre. A Jordan Downs Illuminations, is an immersive theatre work in and about the Jordan Downs, and its residents. It has been a pleasure getting to know everyone involved and I'm looking forward to performing with and for the community. We open in May! Link to more information- 

4.18.19 I have just uploaded a music video that I had the good fortune to be a part of few weeks back. It is a project that deals with an issue that is close to my heart. I am thrilled and beyond proud to be a part of this moment in DJ Carnage's fight. Check out the new video in my Reels page.

7.24.18 Hey, I spent a wonderful summer traveling parts of Colombia. Wow, it is a beautiful country, and the people are equally beautiful and generous. I'd return in a heartbeat. So- I'm back, and I've just added a spot I shot for, you'll find it in my reel section. Thanks! 

3.10.18 I am thrilled to begin rehearsals for AMERYKA, with Critical Mass Performance Group! We will be playing at the Kirk Douglas Theatre as part of CTG's Block Party - April 19th-29th! 

1.21.18 Man, what a fun way to kick off the new year- I had such a great time with everyone involved in this morning's commercial shoot with So Cal Edison promoting clean energy! More info soon! AND, I am so thrilled to announce that I will be re-joining Critical Mass Performance Group as they (we) remount the original theatre work, Ameryka, as part of Center Theatre Group's Block Party at the Kirk Douglas- happening in April. 

12.7.17 I just got home from shooting a fun new commercial spot- in Chinatown- up the street from me! The crew, designers and directors were supremely fantastic! More details to follow.

8.16.17 I've added a new spot I did for Amazon Alexa a few weeks back. It was such a blast working with the whole crew and especially the Duplass brothers! What a great time, a great environment.

3.8.17 I just uploaded a spot (one of ten) I did for TurboTax. In Spanish! Check it out on my Reel page. I'll post an English version soon!

2.13.17 Yesterday we closed The Secret Garden at MainStreet Theatre. What a wonderful run we had. It was truly a pleasure and an honor to work with all of the hugely talented, hard working, and incredible people involved. 

12.19.16 Wanted to share the news that I will be playing the roles of Archibald Craven and Dr. Craven in MainStreet Theatre Company's production of The Secret Garden, directed by the wonderful Jessica Kubzansky. Jan 28, 2017 to Feb 12, 2017. More info here- Excited!

11.24.16 Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Time to take serious inventory of what I am thankful for. Meanwhile, news coming soon about a theatre project happening in the new year.

10.28.16 I had an awesome time with a great director and crew yesterday on set shooting some spots for tax season! It's coming up!

4.4.16 I am THRILLED to be reading the role of Bentley Summerhays in A Noise Within's staged reading of George Bernard Shaw's Misalliance. It is part of their Words Within series and it happens on 4.13.16!


3.18.16 Such a busy few weeks with auditions, callbacks and a booking! Spent some time on location last week shooting a commercial spot with Zach King. So much fun!


1.10.16 I'm happy to be ringing in the New Year by shooting a supporting role in an episodic! Cannot wait to be on set tomorrow! More news to follow. Happy New Year!


7.31.15 Proud to announce that a commercial spot I was featured in late last year for Curacao has won a Telly Award for excellence!


5.24.15 Workshop/first public sharing of Rosanna Gamson/Worldwide happened and I think we learned a lot. Great informational feedback from the audience yesterday afternoon. New work!


5.12.15 Okay, really excited to be starting the workshop process this weekend of The Idiot, a new piece by Rosanna Gamson/Worldwide based on Dostoevsky's novel of the same name. This leg will be a quick five day workshop followed by a staged reading at Beyond Baroque on 5.23. Yes for exploration, yes for new work! Gotta go read now... 


4.2.15 Had the great opportunity to be a part of the Unity 99 photo shoot on Saturday, the 28th of March, with fellow AEA members. The wonderful photographer Peter Konerko donated his time, skills and equipment to put faces to the voices of the No Vote on AEA's proposal. To be sure, I have already proudly cast my no vote. Now we wait. 


Link to one of the photos:


3.10.15 From a Facebook posting I wrote a couple of days ago regarding the AEA L.A. Proposals:

Long post. Apologies. Kind of.


Actors' Equity Association is asking its L.A. membership base to accept the removal of the 99 seat contract in exchange for a plan that I, along with a strong portion of L.A.'s theatre community believe would be absolutely devastating to our theatre scene. I am an actor. I am a member of AEA. I love my union, and the day I got my card was one of the proudest of my life. But I am disheartened by the lack of reason and understanding on the part of my union. I am disheartened by what almost seems like resentment towards the Pro 99 seat theatre movement. In theory I suppose I can reason as to why the union feels the need to get rid of the 99 seat LOA, but in fact, in fact- they are simply not representing, and supporting a fair and like minded portion of my community.


Actors/writers/directors (some of whom got their start in 99 seat theatres) that are fortunate to make a living in the industry are counted among those of us everyday hustlers who firmly believe that small theatres in Los Angeles are a source of artistic life blood. We, this community- know that small theatre production is essential to our city- to its residents, to the state of theatre everywhere, and to the artists who have gained so much from the opportunities made available to them/us.

I am from Los Angeles. Born and bred. I happened to fall in love with the art of storytelling and live performance because I had some incredibly kick ass, inspiring teachers (Robin Share, Linda Blackwell, James Thomas Bailey) growing up. I didn't move here to make it. And if I had moved here to make it as an actor, it certainly would not have been under the delusion that I would be consistently working under a fancy AEA contract in a souped up space. That is simply not realistic. It is also not the case that there is money out there for "theatre producers" to pay actors in small theatres minimum wage. AND, FOR THE RECORD: WE ARE WORTH A LOT. I COULDN'T AGREE MORE. But this isn't the reality of my town, plain and simple. So- if you don't want to work for a small stipend, you simply don't have to. It is your choice. I certainly didn't fall in love and devote my life to the theatre to make a living from it (even when I lived in NY that wasn't my expectation). I fell in love and devoted my life to the theatre because I absolutely and with my whole being adore the craft. Every aspect of it. It has made me curious. It has made me a bit smarter. It has given me courage, and afforded me the chance to meet some of the best human beings ever.


Here's what I think: we do need change. For sure. But not the change AEA will ultimately be forcing on us. I walked away from the AEA meeting a couple of weeks ago feeling condescended to. Blerg. But I also saw my community in action there. And that was like, BOOM!


So, while I am disheartened by the impending fate of theatre in L.A., I am really inspired by the realization that I am not alone. In the past couple of weeks I've seen and been in the same room, on Twitter groups, and here on FB with people I've never met. People I've seen on stage or television, friends of friends. People I've grown to admire. And a good, good number of people have indeed gathered together- as a community- to make our voices heard. And that is quite a thing to behold. Proud to be a part of this group. And, respect for all.


Ok, thanks.



2014 was a great year for many reasons. Ended it by taking a road trip to Zion, UT, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, and Sedona, AZ. So beautiful. Got hooked on the podcast Serial on the trip.




11.9.14 Found out yesterday right before I left the house for what would be a really fun reading- that I booked a commercial! Be on set this Wednesday. Cool. 


11.3.14 Gearing up for this weekend's staged reading of Ricardo Bracho's Puto. Looking forward to meeting the cast at tomorrow's rehearsal- after I cast my vote, that is.


10.25.14 Ready for tonight's reading of Richard II. Feels good to jump back into Shakespeare.


Next Up, the titular character in Puto, a play by Ricardo Bracho to be staged at the Bonaventure Hotel on November 8th as part of the American Studies Association conference. 


9.28.14 Watch out for me in a new spot for NBC Sports! Fun day on set.


9.25.14 Last minute straight to callback for a commercial yesterday, and today learned that I booked it! Will be shooting this weekend. More details to follow!


7.31.14 Spent an awesome day on set shooting a mystery spot at Mirada Studios! That place is super cool, and it is always neat to meet new people.


5.12.14 Tomorrow I begin a three day workshop at Son of Semele Ensemble of a new play by a playwright whose work I really admire! Love SOSE's work, and love new play development, so I'm super stoked at the opportunity to work on this project.


5.10.14 Started Mother's Day weekend this morning by participating in my 15th Revlon Run/Walk. Always so great. Always makes me feel grateful.


4.27.14 What an amazing trip to South America. Peru is breathtaking. Machu Picchu and the whole Sacred Valley of the Incas are humbling in their beauty.


3.28.14 Ended the week on set shooting a commercial spot!


2.18.14 Spent an awesome, beautiful day at UCLA celebrating and sharing our artworxLA students art. The theme: Art and Action. They totally went there! Tomorrow, the Skirball Cultural Center, theme- Identity, and Thursday, L.A. Central Library.


2.12.14 Super excited to be joining Rosanna Gamson/World Wide as part of its board! Can't wait to explore and share ideas on how to get the word out on this wonderful dance theatre company. On Twitter @rgwwdance.


12.29.13 My year on Twitter '13-


12.21.13 A quote for the Solstice-  "Then, perhaps, the actor is a messenger, searching for the human passions of a character, deep into history, deep into imagination and poetry, far from the desert. As a conscientious and loyal messenger, he should return, clad in magnificent tatters, and tell of what he saw and what he has lived during his voyage. He should tell this to the very audience which invested him with this marvelous mission: to use simple and splendid designs, in order to bring to life a human being among us here and now."  - Ariane Mnouchkine, Le Theatre du Soleil


11.5.13. Just closed a succesful run of Nilo Cruz's Hortensia and the Museum of Dreams with a wonderful group of people at Casa 0101. 




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